Other Scale engine sellers vs “theLEDwheel’s”

Hey addicts,

I have seen many others selling the same-ish scale engines as I do.
PLEASE have  look at them carefully and compare them to mine or anyone elses.
My 22RE engine is designed to fit on a front mounted motor setup but more importantly I print them at .05mm layers.
The .05 layer thickness allows a much smoother finish but it requires 3 x more time to print(almost 40 hours) yet I sell them for around the same price.
Just look at the details and compare. Then buy mine….  🙂

I am also working on other scale engines like a Rat Rod inverted 350 and twin turbo supercharged V8

Stay tuned to theLEDwheel.com

Added a few items to the store

Hi there,

I added  some chassis sets in different colours  for the TA02/FF01 Chassis.
These set will allow you to use LiPo Batteries and are very sturdy.
I setup 3 different colours in the store but Custom colours are available at no extra cost.
However there may be a waiting period as I will have to order the colour and Print  the new chassis in said colour.
Waiting period  will be determined upon purchase.